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Water Screen (With Projector Show)

Water Screen (With Projector Show)

The water screen with projection show, which has an important place among the water screen types, is a type of show widely used on special days or nights. There are special nozzles in the water screen system. In this way, water is sprayed from the sprinklers in the form of transparent screens similar to the curtain. with Special projection and laser devices, designated video, or picture is projected on the water, which in the shape of a screen. It is a system that can be applied in pool, lake, pond and sea.

The giant water curtain is created by specially designed high-pressure pumps and special nozzles. High-quality projection systems and coloured laser show systems come together on the water screen. The projected water curtain, which offers a visual feast, may be installed by experts of this field. Projected water show has become quite common especially in national holidays in the recent years. The water screen, where the national values are reflected, creates national emotions for the audience. It is also a preferred show type in multiple participation entertaining events such as New Year’s Eve celebrations. Water screens may be created with special production equipment. The size of the water screen may vary depending on the type of the projection show. Water curtain projection systems allow spectacular light and video shows.

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