Water Print

Water print, also known as digital water curtain is an application form of water-drawn shape or written text. For this reason, it is also defined as a water printer. The water-floating text format, which has become widespread in recent years, contains a special software that can be applied to all forms and fonts. The valves and nozzles directed by the software direct the water and allow it to flow by drawing text and shapes.

Water print system is a water curtain application that attracts attention and delights while watching. Digital water curtain, which is common in the world, also is increasingly common in Turkey. Also known as a jet sprinkle fountain system with a strong visual aspect, the new generation water design applications may be designed in different sizes according to the application area. Water print prices may vary according to the size of the application area and the features of the equipment to be used in the system. Water print maybe installed in many places such as parks, shopping malls, company and hotel lobbies. With digital water curtain systems, shapes such as linear, circular, spiral, cube, triangle or double row may be created. Names and numbers may be applied. Different water print models show up in city squares or various buildings of municipalities.

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