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Water Foam

Water Foam

Water foam is a system that foams the water and provides a light visual. The water foam nozzle foams the water and sprays it upwards in different thicknesses. Water foam nozzles lined up at various edges of the pool also emits light. The foam of water takes on the colour of the light as it is sprayed. The light sparkles in harmony with sparkling water. Sparkling water systems are floating or fixed systems. Water foam nozzle is adjustable. The lower knuckle of the nozzle may be adjusted to different angles. Thus, the direction and the height of the water may be changed. It gives the water a dense foam. Light is accompanied by the water sprayed with dense foam.

Water foam system is a system widely used in decorative pools. It is used in places such as champagne foam nozzle, music and dance pool, dry pool, sprinkler pool and dome pool. The water foam nozzle is produced from brass material in chrome-plated stainless steel appearance. The water outlet is made through a 1 inch hole. It gives plenty of white foam while the water height can be adjusted. The sparkling water beam is also resistant to wind. A large volume of water can be obtained by using less water.

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