Glazed Water Screen

Water screen is an illuminated sprinkler system that creates an aesthetic appearance with water. It is designed as the flow of water with different nozzles down from a platform in the form of a curtain and reflection of the lights to it. The sprinkler system may be covered with carrier carcass stainless steel or composite material. It may be applied to concrete pool or stainless pool. There are different applications of water curtain in different places. Powerful pumps and nozzles are used for the water curtain system.

Water screen dimensions may vary according to the dimensions of the place to be applied. Nozzle and pump features may differ depending on the application location. Parks are the primary areas of water curtain application. It is widely seen in places like urban squares, shopping mall squares, hotel lobbies, decorative walls and artificial waterfalls and pools. Water curtain applications includes various types like glass based, mirror based, with logo or with light. It may be used in outdoors, or indoors. Water screen, which has an aesthetic style that complements decorative designs, may also be integrated with digital systems. It is used for displays such as digital water screen, text, logo or clock.

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