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Dry Pool

Dry Pool

Dry Pool is a system that sprays water from the ground. The system, which can be practiced to different floor types, consists of illuminated nozzles placed on special grids adapted to the stones on the ground. Water that is gushing from the nozzles creates an aesthetic appearance. Dry pool systems are applied on steel carcass or raised leg. The ground on which dry pools are practiced to is designed in accordance with the surrounding landscape floor. Thus, the stones applied to the dry pool are kept in the same elevation and the same appearance as other floor materials when the system is not used.

Dry pool systems are widely seen in many different application areas such as walkways, streets, parks, shopping malls and squares. Nozzles are hidden under the floor covering. The dry pools that are used especially in the night time are the systems installed to provide a visual effect. It creates a visual feast with its colourful lights. Different colours and sizes of lamps are used in the system. The length of the sprinkler and the effect it creates with water also differ. Depending on the size of the area it is used in, the number of sprinklers used for the dry pool system may also vary. There are motors that pump water for dry pool system sprinklers. With its aesthetic and decorative features it is a landscape application that municipalities frequently apply in their common areas.

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